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As we journey towards our individual and collective healing, Deep Time Liberation guides participants through an arc of reclaiming our ancestors’ dream, exploring our legacies of traumatic patterning, while sourcing our resilience and finding pathways to healing our wounded past.  Grounding this journey in mindfulness awareness and compassionate reflections allows for a rich depth of wise view and skillful response. 


We honor our ancestors by calling them in. “We Are Because They Are”, acknowledges the sacred connection we hold together as it pulses through our veins with stories yet to be told. We identify the genesis of our suffering, coming in part from the traumas and attachments we've experienced, known or unknown. 


Bearing witness to our intergenerational suffering, our hearts open to deep healing. Integrating mind-body movements along with the power of the drum, it allows for an energetic shift, viewing some of the difficult aspects of historical harms and cultural conditioning. 


Our healing begins when we actively engage in helping to heal our ancestors, while accepting the healing that our ancestors engage with us. As our intention to heal becomes apparent, we reclaim our birthright, leading to our Deep Time Liberation!

Rosetta and Ginetta on Drum & Bell
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