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Asa Salley

The Deep Time Liberation Retreat had such a profound impact on me that I have brought meditation into both my classes. Now I have a daily practice with my students. We begin each day without fail with a 5-6 minute guided meditation.

Dolores Watson

Overall I thought it was a beautiful and meaningful experience. I see the possibility of developing the offering into a quarterly, and then a monthly event with a nationwide participation. Developing the "healing" aspect is very important.


Can't wait to do it again! How can I be of more supportive / involved?

Ayliah Rowe

I am deeply grateful for having the opportunity to be part of the first iteration of the DTL vision. There is NO retreat that I know of that comes close to the experience a DTL retreat can offer.... the authenticity, the safeness of the space that held us, and the honesty that was presented in the 5 days we were together meant so much to me.

Judy Hatcher

Thank you!!! The team handled everything with charm and grace. You created an experience I'll never forget.


Beli Sullivan

The experience for me, unpacked so much. The teachings  helped me gain better clarity and perspective with regard to family loss. My deepest gratitude to all Teachers and Participants of the 2018 Deep Time Liberation retreat. The mirror is still reflecting... Big Love.

Janet Roos

Gratitude to the team, the teachings, ancestors, as I continue to unfold the layers of self-awareness of our inner depth. Thank you for planting the seeds of your collective wisdom.

Karen Jackson

The thought, work and loving kindness that went into the retreat was more than awesome. Such care to our needs and well-being was never over looked.

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Deep Time Liberation

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