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Deep Time Liberation

An Ancestral Healing Journey

our deepest gratitude



Afefeoke - DTL 2018

Many of us go through life and traumatic childhoods and then we get to be old women and we haven’t touched the wounds… we haven’t touched the conversation. The support DTL has provided sets up a foundation to look at and do the work and is priceless. The experience led me to find peace and understanding.


Asa Salley - DTL 2018

The Deep Time Liberation Retreat had such a profound impact on me that I have brought meditation into both my classes. Now I have a daily practice with my students. We begin each day without fail with a 5-6 minute guided meditation.


Dwight Dunston - DTL 2021

I have never experienced the marrying of Ancestral and deep Spiritual exploration.  I'm now in more communication with past generations. When I reflect I get emotional about the whole experience being so liberating, human and divine.


Ayliah Rowe - DTL 2018

I am deeply grateful for having the opportunity to be part of the first iteration of the DTL vision. There is NO retreat that I know of that comes close to the experience a DTL retreat can offer.... the authenticity, the safeness of the space that held us, and the honesty that was presented in the 5 days we were together meant so much to me.


Heku Sa Shekhem - DTL 2021

DTL online differentiates from other online retreats in that it was more personal and relatable to me and has shown me the value in appreciating the Ancestors. I gleaned that  from  being in DTL. I can now call on them, recognize them and honor Ancestors from outside of meditation. 


DTL Participant - 2022

The greatest impact was to do this incredible ancestral healing work in diasporic Black/African community in a Buddhist held, yet encompassing all spiritual traditions, container.

Janet Roos - DTL 2018

Gratitude to the team, the teachings, ancestors, as I continue to unfold the layers of self-awareness of our inner depth. Thank you for planting the seeds of your collective wisdom.

DTL Participant - 2022

A deep sense and acknowledgment of our resilience as a people. We are not cursed by what we bear from our ancestors; we are blessed to see what we carry and how we work with it.

Wayne Meyers-Taylor - DTL 2021

It was very interesting to look deeper into my family tree and actually see what they had been through. Before the retreat, I would have only seen the bad side--only the trauma of my family's past and not the fruits of my history.

Shawn Holmes - DTL 2021

Setting up the alter was the best. I'm into it and it gave me an avenue to share with my 98 year old Mother, who is vibrant and lively and does everything by herself! It was an avenue to talk with her about her childhood and it opened a whole world of memory for her and for my Sisters. As a teacher, it has made me stronger to speak on Ancestry with my students. 


Shanequa Smith - DTL 2021

When I got the package to build the altar, it hurt that I had no idea what the items were or the significance of it. But intuitively, I knew they were things that I needed to learn and to have on my altar. The DTL retreat made me view myself as an ancestor and ask myself 'what will I do when my descendants call for me?'

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Deep Time Liberation

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