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Deep Time Liberation delves into the exploration of how our ancestral legacy and historical beliefs influence our present lives. Once we understand the need for committing to our individual and collective healing, the pathway to healing appears. We can then recognize and acknowledge the experiences and history clouding our perceptions causing us to continually cause harm to ourselves and others because of our reactions. Identifying the genesis of our suffering comes in part from the intergenerational and vicarious traumas known or unknown, past or present. The attachments, the delusion and the aversion that we’ve experienced blocks the portal to healing and the way out is through the recognition and honoring of our historical harm. Deep Time Liberation will engage you in rituals, story-telling, drumming and discovery through the lens of Insight Meditation practices.


"Deep Time Liberation is how we experience the influence of our historical past and the possibilities of our potential future in the present. The insights that arise have the power to heal the generational and collective trauma of Black people from the African Diaspora."  Devin Berry

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